Possibly one of the oldest grape varieties in the world Areni has been present in Armenia for millennia.

In fact in the archaeological excavations of Areni Cave in Vayotz Dzor, Armenia ( dating back 6000 years) pips and stems were unearthed, carbon dated and the DNA analysed. It was established that the modern day Areni variety can be traced back to these ancient pips. Never grafted and on its own roots it is 100% indigenous to this land & with a unique DNA profile that does not match any other. Extremely resistant to disease and with a very thick skin Areni Noir has developed the unique capacity to adapt perfectly to the extreme climate of Vayotz Dzor, its natural habitat.


The pinnacle of high altitude viniculture ZORAH’s vineyards are at 1400mtrs / 4500ft asl. A Phylloxera free terroir with low vigour, sub-alkaline, sandy, soil rich in limestone and large stones.
All vines are on their own roots. 


Fermentation takes place in rough, temperature controlled, concrete tanks using only natural yeast. Aging is in large local amphorae, known as “karasi” buried ¾ in the ground as per ancient local traditions of place for around 12 months. Further 6 months of aging in bottles.

Smoky silky elegance with scents of dark berries herbs pepper and anise
Exotic and textured, a deep and rich wine with great fruit and firm long finish and great tannins.
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