At ZORAH we strive to craft wines which are ambassadors of a place, of a people and of an ancient culture full of history.
We are convinced that Vayotz Dzor has one of the greatest terroir’s in the world and that in this gnarled, rugged land the extraordinary can be achieved. It is our vision to create the extraordinary. Embarking on a path with the courage to take risks and defy convention, we are passionate about learning from our terroir while respecting its rhythms and ancient wisdom.

Ancient Roots

It is our belief that the essence and core of our wines must lie in their Armenian roots.
We are committed to tell the unique story of our millenary past and embrace our living heritage which binds past, present and future.

Furthermore, we believe what we create must be an expression of not only our terroir but, also, of the cultural traditions of place.
This is why at Zorah we have made a conscious, as well as a philosophical, decision to engage in traditional wine making methods which have been used in this area for over 6000 years.

Championing Native Varieties

Moreover, we remain fiercely loyal to our native varieties, many of which are on the verge of extinction.

Vayotz Dzor can be considered the Garden of Eden for viticulture with its plethora of ancient autochthonous varieties which come from history.

We owe it to ourselves to pursue variety and preserve that which has been handed down to us through millennia.