A Beautiful Madness

This wonderful journey into the world of wine began many years ago when Zorik visited Armenia for the very first time in 1998.
He remained powerfully impressed by the beauty and spirit of his ancestral homeland. Armenia captivated him and he instantly realised that he would return to set roots there. Few know that before delving into his adventure in wine Zorik initially revived a dormant tricotage factory in the southern city of Kapan providing a livelihood for over 250 women in the impoverished city. This opened the gates to frequent travels in Armenia.

A Forgotten
wine culture

As Zorik began to spend time in his native territory, exploring its treasures, travelling among its people and uncovering the country’s secrets and traditions, he came to realise that Armenia had a deep rooted wine culture which seemed to have all but disappeared after years of Soviet rule.

Road less

A marvellous idea began to take shape and never one to follow convention, Zorik changed his mind about buying a vineyard in Tuscany in favour of returning to his ancestral roots in Armenia. Together, with his wife Yeraz, they embarked on a journey to restore traditional vinicultural values in a quest to create truly profound wines which would speak of this magical place. It took a dream, commitment and determination to make it all come together.

It is our vision to create the extraordinary

Beyond the dream

Two decades on, Zorik and Yeraz, now joined by their children Oshin and Nayiri, continue to step beyond the dream and take the adventure further. Interpreted through the lens of thoughtful and sustainable winemaking they continue to rediscover the ancient heritage of Armenian wine.