Land of the Beginning

Armenia is a story
waiting to be told
It is the land of the beginning, the birthplace of vine and wine, steeped in tradition and history that dates back millennia. With a plethora of native varieties, containing some of the world’s oldest and genetically diverse known and unknown grapes, this area can be considered the “Garden of Eden” of world wine culture.

But not only...

Armenia boasts a wine history that dates back over six thousand years.
The world’s oldest winemaking facility, the Areni 1 cave dated 4000BC hints at organized winemaking with ceremonial association, while the archaeological site of Karmir Blur, dated 3000BC, with over 480 large karasses (amphorae), stamped with year of production, speaks of sophisticated winemaking on a large scale.

Even Greek scholars Herodotus, Xenophon and Strabo, described the river trade on the Tigris by Armenian merchants exporting their wines downstream to the Assyrians and beyond. The first nation to accept Christianity in 301AD wine became a fundamental part of Armenia’s religious culture. Wine culture continued uninterrupted through medieval times up to Soviet era when Moscow designated Armenia as a brandy making country essentially uprooting Armenia’s millennial wine culture.

at the foothills
of Biblical Mount Ararat
It is also of course in Armenia where legend has Noah, the world’s first vigneron, plant his vineyards and later became famously drunk on his own wine!