The challenge of turning great potential into great wines



ZORAH represents years of passionate work with a dedicated team whose powerful vision and curiosity has propelled them forward in testing new possibilities in an effort to create something unique.


If you were to ask Zorik what has been the positive driving force which has compelled him forward towards his vision of creating world class wines in Armenia; what has helped him to see the years of struggle as the road to success rather than the road to nowhere, he would probably answer focus and naivety; that clear picture in his mind of the end goal coupled with a romantic attachment that has kept him pushing forward allowing him to ignore the naysayers.

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“Armenia is exciting. There are wonderful discoveries to be made in these historic parts of the world which take us beyond Old World and New World into an unexplored territory which is the Ancient World. It is fundamental to respect the history and terroir of these areas and make authentic, pure wines which can be a true expression of their origin” comments Alberto Antonini on his involvement with ZORAH.

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Stefano Bartolomei has worked on many important projects in the Italian winemaking landscape especially in the provinces of Livorno and in the Tuscan Maremma, particularly in Bolgheri. He earned his degree in Agricultural Science at the University of Pisa and continued with a specialization in Integrated and Organic Agriculture at the University of Montpellier in France.

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