You see things and say ‘Why?' But I dream things that never were and say ‘Why not?’

George Bernard Shaw


Wild and beautiful, ancient but vital, full of life and deeply tied to history, place and people, the roots of ZORAH’s vineyards run deep, narrating the story of a land nurtured by an age old wine culture.


At the foothills of Biblical Mount Ararat, at altitudes between 1400 /1600 meters above sea level (4600/5250 feet) and just a stone through from the world’s oldest winemaking facility (the 6100 year old Areni 1 cave) the vineyards of ZORAH can be found in the rural village of Rind in the heart of Vayots Dzor, Armenia’s quintessential winemaking region.


Working uniquely with ancient native varieties the vines are planted on their own roots directly into rocky, limestone soils which have never seen Phylloxera and while ZORAH’S heirloom vineyards tell a story of times gone by, the younger vines, the cuttings of which come from ancient abandoned vineyards of a XIIIth Century monastery, show us vistas into a possible future.


By researching and reinstating local traditions in the vineyards which have proven viable over centuries and in an attempt to safeguard the incredible terroir with its extraordinary microclimate (long dry summers with remarkably vivid sunlight coupled with high daytime temperatures contrasting cool nights and a lengthy growing season) the vineyards of ZORAH are very much about nature over nurture and sustainable agriculture.

ZORAH works on enhancing ‘place’ by promoting a symbiosis of nature, flora and fauna, believing that making unique individual wines with a strong sense of identity is a consequence of making wines in as a natural way as possible.