• 14-01-2016



    It was exactly four years ago, back in January 2012, that we attended, with nervous apprehension but full of optimism, our first ever portfolio tasting in London. ZORAH Karasì, a wine made from the obscure Areni grape from Armenia, a remote country which few could pin point on a map, was being presented for the very first time to a group of over 600 wine professionals from across the trade in one of the world’s most dynamic wine markets.

    It was a culminating moment after years of hard work and our dream of creating something exceptional from our ancestral homeland. Arriving to this point had been far from easy. Determined, from the very start, to put Armenia on a very high level, we first had to work on reviving the dormant wine culture in the country after years of Soviet rule, we had to plant, as well as teach locals how to work the vineyards and instill the idea to the people in the country that Armenia could produce, not only excellent wines, but also unique wines from its native varieties. Then, once we were ready, we had to start to tell the story of our ancient wine history and our incredible terroir to world hoping that it would sit up and listen.

    Four short years have passed from that moment and we are proud of our achievements. The world of wine did sit up and listen.  ZORAH Karasì was rcvd with huge enthusiasm and praise from some of the most distinguished names in the field. It won many accolades, including top 10 wines of Bloomberg in 2012, with many articles following in some of the most prestigious wine magazines and international newspapers. The king of Armenia’s grapes Areni Noir, an obscure, forgotten variety, became the protagonist in many masterclass tastings across the world by some of the most famous Master of Wines. Today the wine can be found in almost 20 countries across the globe gracing the wine lists of many Michelin star restaurants.


    At the dawn of Armenia’s wine renaissance, the single wine from ZORAH, with its quirky but distinctively elegant bottle, set the standards inside the country and showed other winemakers that Armenia’s wine and its native varieties had a huge potential, debunking the general mindset of the time that Armenia should follow the path of international varietals.

    Now, Four years on, always with boundless enthusiasm, perhaps a little less naïve, but with the same apprehensions and feeling the weight on our shoulders, we are ready to embark on a new chapter and
    introduce the potential of other Armenian native varietals with the launch of our white wine ZORAH Voskì. Fully aware that we are still very much at the beginning but, that the climb is just as important as reaching the summit itself, we hope that the path which is now slowly being cleared, will  lead to new successes and soon be followed by others! Wish us luck!


    ZORAH – 6000 years of history in every bottle